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Financial Institutions . . . In the News 

  • New Rule at FAME will prevent another Cate Street deal.  (BDN 8.20.2015)
  • Employees of KeyCorp, Maine’s second largest bank, receives visit from CEO Beth Mooney who talked about KeyBank’s growth in Maine.  (Mainebiz 8.24.2015)
  • Machias Savings Bank builds new bank in Presque Isle.  (BDN 9.2.2015)
  • Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae lengthen timelines in foreclosure proceedings.  (Housing Wire 9.4.2015)
  • Eric Rosengren, CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston to become the next chair of Colby College’s Board of Trustees in May 2016.  (Colby College 9.4.2015)
  • Attorney General’s office warns grandparents of scamming involving grandchildren involved in an accident or hurt.  (BDN 9.8.2015)
  • Card skimming is on the rise with new technology used by thieves.  (BDN  9.9.2015)
  • To assist with higher education, the White House improves federal financial aid rules.  (The Hill 9.15.2015)
  • Banks are not obligated to make businesses accounts whole when cybertheives strike.  (MPBN 9.15.2015)
  • A Wall Street watchdog’s board plan is devised to protect seniors and vulnerable adults.  (BDN 9.21.2015)
  • Maine’s single-family home median sale price rose 4.9 percent in August.  (PPH 9.21.2015)
  • Julia DeBery, Senior Vice President at Bath Savings Institution, to service on the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau’s (CFPB) Community Bank Advisory Council.  (Sen. King 9.21.2015)

Financial Institutions . . . In the News

  • The second annual financial “stress test” of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac show improvement.  (PPH 5.1.2015)
  • Wells Fargo’s stand-alone division focusing on commercial banking in New England.  (Boston Business Journal (5.4.2015)
  • Maine mortgage foreclosures are down due to the Greenleaf case ruling by the Maine Supreme Judicial Court.  (BDN 5.6.2015)
  • Four branches of Camden National to close from the acquisition of the Bank of Maine.  (BDN 5.15.2015)
  • US Department of Justice and four Swiss banks reach a deal to turn over US tax evaders.  (Maine Mirror 5.29.2015)
  • $3 million reinvested in Caribou from Maine State Retirement System surplus.  (BDN 5.30.2015)

Financial Institutions...In the News

  • Tony McKim will replace retiring President and CEO of First Bancorp, Daniel Daigneault, in 2015.  Maine Biz (5.21.14)
  • Credit Suisse to pay $2.5 billion fine for helping Americans evade taxes.  Bangor Daily News (5.20.14)
  • Chief Regulator plans to keep Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac financially secure as Congress works on remodeling the nation’s housing financing system.  Portland Press Herald (5.14.14)
  • Financial institutions say more changes are needed to speed up the foreclosure backlog in Maine, even as new laws are passed.  Portland Press Herald (5.12.14)
  • New laws in Colorado’s banking regulations allow more flexibility in marijuana purchasesPortland Press Herald (5.7.14)

Financial institutions . . . In the News

  • Maine’s Northeast Bancorp gains prior Obama Cabinet member.  (Bangor Daily News 1.24.2014)
  • Maine banks and credit unions collaborate on training and education to stop elder financial abuse.  (Bangor Daily News 2.10.2014)
  • Federal banking changes allow Maine medical marijuana sellers access to banks.  (Maine Public Broadcasting Network 2.14.2014)
  • Fixed rate mortgages rise in U.S.  (Portland Press Herald 2.21.2014) 
  • Fannie Mae repays taxpayer bailout with $7.2 billion dividend.  (Kennebec Journal 2.21.2014)
  • U.S. Government receives about $9 million more from Fannie Mae than it drew from the government.  (Bangor Daily News 2.23.2014)
  • Maine home sales in January 2014 increased 8.6% over sales in January 2013.  (Portland Press Herald 2.21.2014)

Robosigning Scandal: Maine Supreme Court condemns practice, declines to impose more penalities

On December 6, 2011, Maine’s highest court ruled that GMAC would not be subject to contempt of court penalties for its role in a national robo-signing scandal for foreclosures. But the Court’s ruling did not excuse GMAC’s behavior.

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